Hydrological Solutions
The AquaGreen Roofing System is a patent pending system that combines vegetated roofing concepts with rainwater harvesting technologies. The system uses a vegetated roof to collect and filter rainwater.  Water that is not absorbed by the biomass is collected, on site, and reprocessed through the vegetated roof's irrigation system.  Excess water is diverted from the system and is used for supplimental water needs.
Every AquaGreen Roofing System is customized by location and intended water usage goals. The design factors annual rainfall totals to establish available water. From that, water usage goals are determined based on the type of roofing system versus the desire for water harvesting.  Based on the request of the building's owner, the system can be designed for a high water demand intensive vegetated roof with minimal rainwater harvesting, or the system can be configured for an extensive vegetated roof system that will require a much lower water demand allowing for greater water harvesting.  Although the AquaGreen Roofing System can be tailored to the wishes of the client, the primary function of the system is harvesting rain water for vegetated roof irrigation to maximize operating efficiency.  Any rainwater harvested for other uses is supplemental to the water collected to support the vegetated roof system itself.
For maximum efficiency the entire roofing surface should be vegetated. The majority being extensive seedum variety based vegetated roofing. The water that drains off these roofs is channeled to the vault and filter area. This water is circulated through the vegetated roof where it is re-used for irrigation and supplemental water is collected. This system is designed to be not only simple, but to mimic the way nature cleans rainwater.
AquaGreen Roofing System

for the Design Professional
The AquaGreen Roofing System in an intensive application
Rainwater is bio-filtered through a greenroofing medium where it is stored and reprocessed through a bio area, keeping the water clean while irrigating the green roof.
Rainwater is also constantly aerated through a water feature where is then returned to the storage area.
Excess water not used by the green roof is collected and stored in a graywater harvesting and filtration system where it can be used in various building graywater applications.