Hydrological Solutions

Upon hearing about the AquaGreen Roofing System for the first time, many people think that it is new technology that will require a “leap of faith” by anyone interested in owning one.  This is not the case.  The AquaGreen Roofing System utilizes existing, proven technologies that are in use around the world. 
By combining vegetated roofing concepts with rainwater harvesting, the AquaGreen Roofing System combines two existing green technologies to work toward a common goal.  This multiplies their benefit values exponentially.  But this is not the only benefit from the system.  Hydrological Solutions has several sustainable concept designs on the boards that we will be trademarking and marketing.  The ultimate goal is to create a system that will use the AquaGreen Roofing System to collect water for potable usage without the need for expensive reverse osmosis filtration equipment.  Not only will this benefit the consumer; but it has potential for helping worldwide in disaster relief situations and in developing nations with positive rainfall amounts, but with compromised drinking water.
AquaGreen Roofing System

for the consumer
AquaGreen Roof in an intensive application with greywater harvesting
AquaGreen Roof in an extensive application with irrigation recycling
AquaGreen Roof in a living patio application